Mindset Vulnerability

You Are Not Your Thoughts

You are not your thoughts

“You are not your thoughts.” Out of everything I have been working on internally, with my mindset and self-love, this is been the hardest thing for me to address, “You are not your thoughts.”

My inner critic is my most powerful struggle and she can be so harsh.

And the most ridicuolous thing is that it is coming from my own self. I am giving my mind permission to think these thoughts about myself.

How many of you do the same thing?

When was the last time you looked in the mirror and thought to yourself that you are beautiful. When was the last time you cooked dinner and thought to yourself that it tasted amazing? Or the last time you completed a project for work and felt proud?

The funny thing is, in the past year I have become more aware of controlling my positive and negative thoughts that I have about myself. Ten years ago, I had no idea that I should even be doing this. But for some reason I still choose to let the negative ones come through at times.

Should I put these into context? Or should I stop being so vulnerable on the internet 😉

I will give you a little insight on the situation that inspired this post.

I have mentioned before how shy and quiet I am. But in the last few months I have gained “courage” to sort of “stick up” for myself. I give my heart and soul to my clients, but sometimes they do not do the things I suggest or prescribe to them. Those ones usually end up not seeing change or progress over time. In previous years I took that to heart and blamed myself for not being a good Physical Therapist. You can imagine how that made me feel! But I recently have had the courage to state, in positive and encouraging ways, that some of the reason for no change is because they are not doing what I had asked of them to do at home. I put some blame on the client, which is honest and accurate, but I feel so bad for saying that.

Of course my husband can say those things all day, everyday to all of his patients and not blink at eye.

These moments replay in my head and I allow myself to think that I was in the wrong, I am to blame, and that I am a pretty mean person for putting clients at fault.

Over the weekend I remembered the saying, “You are not your thoughts.” Although it is tough, I do know that I am not my thoughts. But it is so much easier to let the bad thoughts it. On the other hand it is so interesting and enlightening to let the posItive ones in. “I am doing my job and being the best I can be for my clients and reminding them that they are also incharge of their body and health”. And then also realizing that maybe they have some internal stuff to work on before they are ready to begin on a path of healing.

Sidenote, but this is why I dream of providing a service this is centered around both mind and body exercise and wellness. More to come with this some day soon!

As I was saying, it is so easy to give into negative thoughts!

Figuring out why negativity is easier sounds like a fun research project

Positive thoughts and feeling good about yourself are a mindset game.

So, what have I learned from working on changing my mindset and negative thoughts into positive ones? Here is a list of 4 things I have discovered in the last few months:

Take inventory.

When you have negative thoughts or a bad feeling, especially about yourself, recognize it but then consciously (work at this!) change your mindset. Also, say the thought. Saying this outloud, especially to another person, makes you realize how silly it is!

Make a list.

List reasons (if you need to, physically write them down) as to why those negative thoughts are not true. Literally make a list of positive thoughts, complete opposite of the negative ones in your head. While you are at it, be your own #1 fan. Keep a list of your accomplishments, what you are proud of, and things you are grateful for.

Go to the source.

Figure out why you are feeling like this. Have you been more stressed? Not sleeping as well? Maybe not exercising or eating as well as you normally do? Maybe you need to let loose and dance it out.

Create a mantra.

It is nice to have a “go to saying” to get you through the tough times. I first discovered this with running. No matter how many marathons I run, there are still tough days. Having a saying helps to “kick out” those negative thoughts and allows me to press on. My mantra has always been “This too shall pass.” Now I am using this mantra for when I feel crummy, negative, and stressed. It might seem silly, but it can change your mindset and get you out of your own head.

Recheck your inventory. Your negative thoughts probably don’t seem all that bad now, huh?

What are some ways you have been able to change your negative thoughts into positive ones? Love to hear what you guys are going through. Sharing our stories reminds us we are not alone.

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