Exercise Workouts of the Week

Workouts of the Week, second edition.

Workouts of the Week

Happy May everyone! Where has the time gone?? I cannot believe we are already in the month of May. But here we are and here is another new week. Let’s get after it. Here is another “Workouts of the Week” post, including physical and mental exercises.

Now, these workouts are short, less than 15 minutes, so don’t forget about Movement Snacks. I suggest incorporating these into other daily physical activity. Even if you are just starting out, then these are perfect to incorporate with walking, jogging, yoga, Youtube dance tutorials, or whatever else! The possibilities are endless.

Movement Monday

I am still experimenting with videos so that I can offer the best quality within the maximum upload range for the site. So much learning to do. I love it!

12 Minute AMRAP (As many rounds as possible, keep working for 12 min)

20 Overhead lunges
6 burpees
20 Step ups

Tummy Tuesday

30 seconds of each movement, except 1 minute for plank variations.

30 sec Bicycle crunches
30 sec Hip lifts
1 min Plank
30 sec Superman
30 sec V-up
1 min reverse plank
30 sec Windshield Wipers
30 sec Bird Dog
1 min plank

Workout Wednesday

5 Rounds For Time

10 push ups
10 sit ups
10 air squats

Thoughtful Thursday

Anxiety is the fear of the future.

What is something you have anxiety about?
Now imagine that this thing happens.
What will you do if this happens? What is your plan?
And then what is the next step in your plan? The next step?
Keep going until you have the problem resolved.

If the thing that you have anxiety about actually happens, you will keep moving forward. You have survived 100% of the hardest thing life have served you. But it helps to have a plan.

Flexy Friday

Hold each position 45-60 seconds

Lizard lunge
Rotate one way, then the next
Push your knee out further
Go into pigeon pose

Watch video for examples. I had to do a quick version to stay within the max upload size!

Trey is helping.

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