Exercise Workouts of the Week

Workouts of the Week, 4th Edition.

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One month into our workouts of the week! Where is time going?? Enjoy! I love this weeks Thoughtful Thursday!

Movement Monday

For time:
Calories on bike
Air squats

Complete the calories, do the squats, & repeat.

If you do not have a bike, use whatever machine you have.
If it is a treadmill and it does not have calories then,Run/sprint .5 miles, .25 miles, .12 miles
If you are not up to running yet, then fast walk up a significant amount of incline for 4 minutes, 2 minutes, 1 minute.

Tummy Tuesday

Repeat from last week! Read that post for more details.

But this week we are going to do 5 sets of each:
Front plank
Right side plank
Left side plank

Workout Wednesday

Not for time, for quality

3 rounds
15 lunge and press: as you come back to standing from the lunge, perform an overhead press.
10 plank rotations, 5 each side

3 rounds
15 squat and press
: as you stand up from the bottom of the squat, perform an overhead press.
50 high knees, 25 each leg

Thoughtful Thursday

Find a picture of yourself from when you were young.

Would your choices today make this little girl proud?
What would this little girl think of her grown up life?

I don’t mean this to put shame or guilt on your life. What I mean is, do you allow yourself to do the things that bring you joy? Do you allow yourself to play, to be creative, to laugh until you pee your pants??

Keep this picture near by for a week. Does this influence your choices at all?

Share the picture with us!

Flexy Friday

Hold 1 minute each:
Couch stretch, each leg.
Hamstring stretch, each leg.
Pigeon stretch, each leg.
Lat stretch.
Door way pec stretch.

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