The Power of Mind and Body Exercise

Confetti Wellness

My name is Adria. I am a Physical Therapist, marathon runner, CrossFitter, and a mom to 4 dogs. With my experiences I have witnessed the power of mind and body exercise.

I work over 40 hours a week. Prepare almost all of the meals for my husband & I. Work out 6 days a week. Make time for family & friends. Am an avid podcast listener & reader of non-fiction books. And recently began flexing my creative mind.

Certainly a lot of you reading this do SO MUCH more than what I just listed. And you are AMAZING!

Why am I creating this blog?

The power of mind and body exercise is incredible. Over the last year I have become more & more concerned with the overall health & wellness of our country. Consequently, I find myself thinking “I need to do a TED talk“. Or I need to broadcast a message like the National Weather Service on the importance of EXERCISE. This desire is coming from my own doctoral education & my own life experiences (plenty more on this to come in future posts). So this blog is my chance to curate a tribe of women & provide guidance on:

  • Balancing exercise, nutrition, & self-care with hectic schedules
  • Letting JOY into your life
  • Kicking out negative thoughts & self-talk
  • Letting in positivity & self-love
  • Weekly exercises for your mind & body
  • Creating a community where we don’t feel alone in our struggles & thoughts

Secondly, I want to manifest the power of exercise for women by:

  • Appropriate exercise prescription during pregnancy & postpartum
  • Exercise modification while dealing with pain
  • Use of exercise to help with depression & other mental health conditions
  • Creating exercise programs to help you reach your goals, no matter what it is!

Real Talk.

I have found recovery from an eating disorder. Destructed my negative self-talk. Continued to safely train for a marathon with a significant injury. And found an amazing, new appreciation for my body. All with EXERCISE.

Above all, I want to share with you my stories, education, & discoveries. As a result, I hope to help women in the same boat, balancing on a paddle board near by, or swimming closely along the same lines. There is so much for me to share and I am overfilling with JOY for the opportunity to begin this with you.

Why the name Confetti Wellness?

Confetti brings JOY & celebration. Lots of little things add up to something spectacular. Just like the little things that we will learn along this journey.

Add a little Confetti to every day.

Please subscribe & an email will be sent when new posts are published. In addition, leave comments along the way. I want to get to know you & cater to what you are also wanting help with. Together we can do this.

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