Boston Marathon 2018

My Love Letter to Running

Want to know how much of a weirdo I am? Read this post, My Love Letter to Running. If you are a runner, you will understand. If you are not a runner, I hope you have something in your life that makes you feel this way. That makes you feel strong, alive, and brings you unrelentless joy. This post is more for me than for any of the readers, but if you take the time to read, I hope you enjoy. And maybe you can write a love letter to something that you are in love with. In fact, if …

My Joy in Pictures

The Fur Babes Dawn, Dusk, the Moon & the Stars No dawn photo pictured here. But that is my most favorite time of day. Family Not everyone is pictured, but I love you nonetheless!Love the picture of the 4 of us plus Mary at the airport! The beginning of the best time of my life! Running & CrossFit Baking I actually went to culinary school. Maybe I should have tried the baking program instead! Dancing Best of Friends Palm Trees & Lilies


CrossFit Gave Me My Life Back

This is the final post of a 3 part series that is designed to simply and vulnerably provide an introduction. I recommend reading part 1 and part 2 to help to understand this final post, CrossFit Gave Me My Life Back. My overall goal of this blog is to discuss all things related to Health and Wellness, not just about eating disorders. You can read a little bit more about my goals in my very first post and here. My intention with this blog is to purely connect with other women and curate a community focused on all aspects of …