My Joy in Pictures

The Fur Babes Dawn, Dusk, the Moon & the Stars No dawn photo pictured here. But that is my most favorite time of day. Family Not everyone is pictured, but I love you nonetheless!Love the picture of the 4 of us plus Mary at the airport! The beginning of the best time of my life! Running & CrossFit Baking I actually went to culinary school. Maybe I should have tried the baking program instead! Dancing Best of Friends Palm Trees & Lilies

Recap From the Weekend: Social Media & Vulnerability

On Sunday I decided to share this blog on my social media accounts. My nerves went crazy and I had to hide from my phone for a little bit. But when I worked up the guts to check in a little while later I was surprised at what I saw. There was nothing but love from you guys. And from what I can tell, none of you think of me any differently. I wanted to provide a recap from the weekend. What went through my head, how it felt to be so vulnerable, and how things have already changed. I …