Recap From the Weekend: Social Media & Vulnerability

On Sunday I decided to share this blog on my social media accounts. My nerves went crazy and I had to hide from my phone for a little bit. But when I worked up the guts to check in a little while later I was surprised at what I saw. There was nothing but love from you guys. And from what I can tell, none of you think of me any differently. I wanted to provide a recap from the weekend. What went through my head, how it felt to be so vulnerable, and how things have already changed. I hope this gives you courage to be vulnerable.

First things first, posting my blog on social media meant my husband finally read my International Women’s Day post. Cheers to him trying to take the “brake” off the “stalling” that we have with gender equality in the household.

Here and there I have had urges to share my blog with family and friends. Then I start to question why and I overthink it. Why do we always do that!!??

Then on Sunday morning I had the urge again. I told my husband what I wanted to do. Naturally I started freaking out. My pits got sweaty and I was walking around saying nonsense, literally. He told me I should sit on it for a few hours. But I knew that was not an option. So without any more thinking; type type, emoji, hashtag, share, and I was done. Why waste more time thinking? It is messy and has a lot of room for growth. But my enormous amount of empathy and love for helping people find their strength is more important than hiding behind my secret. Yes, I was so sick to my stomach and I could not look at my phone for the longest time. We went grocery shopping and I started baking cookies before I could work up the courage to look at my phone.

The first thing I saw was a beautiful text message from on my best friends. Since sharing this I have never felt closer to her. And, honestly, I have never felt more true to myself. It was like I was walking around with this secret. A secret that was something soo huge in my life but I could not tell anyone. At first, this secret impacted me for the worse. But later in life, I actually found that this secret has helped to elevate my life. Now that I have shared my secret, I feel free, like I can talk about whatever and however I feel. I actually felt more confident and bold than I ever have while at work with my patients today.

My ultimate goal is to take my journey and help others navigate theirs. Mine started with dark and sad stuff. Overtime I have found self-love and joy through exercise. I won’t lie. Sometimes dark and sad stuff still pop up. But now I have the tools to kick it to the curb. Sometimes those kicks are not as strong and fast as they should be. But the kicks are always there.

Since posting on my social media, I have had a lot of messages. Maybe I have already helped some people. I did have one person reach out to meet in person to talk about what she is going through. That right there is the reason why I wanted to do this. This makes the sick to my stomach type of fear and nerves all worth it. I hope it grows to continue to help more and more people.

Lessons Learned from Sunday

  • Being vulnerable is worth it
  • Stop wasting time and just do whatever it is that you want to do
  • Whatever it is that you have gone through, there are people in the world that will benefit from hearing your story
  • Even if your story has been told 1000 times by someone else, it has never been told in your voice
  • You are doing a disservice to others if you do not share your gift or story
  • Don’t forget to put the correct amount of butter in your sugar cookie recipe
  • Grocery shopping is more fun with your loved one
  • Mexican train is a super fun game

Leave me a comment with some highlights from your weekend! I also created a Facebook Group to allow us to have more space to connect: https://www.facebook.com/groups/206295487148663/

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