Quarantined Body Weight Exercise Week 2

Here is the compilation of our Quarantined Body Weight Exercise, Week 2. I know not everyone was previously a part of a gym and/or may not have the money for virtual memberships right now.

That is why I am posting daily, quick workouts on Facebook on our Confetti Wellness group. These workouts are made for someone at home, without equipment, and who may be lacking in the motivation or determination to be creative on their own. The workouts are 100% modifiable. Some are strength focused, some are cardio focused, and some are mixed. This is week 2’s content. And here is week 1 if you want more ideas. Have some fun!

Check out our community on our Facebook group, Confetti Wellness to see videos of the workouts, to connect with others, and join us for our next virtual happy hour!

Don’t forget to add some other things into your day! Overall guidelines suggest at least 150 minutes of moderate physical activity a week. See this blog post for a little bit more about this.

4 rounds. Each Move For 30 seconds, Then Rest 15 seconds.

Step up, then down into lunge
Side lying plank (30 sec each side)
Lateral lunge

Plank walk in the longest part of your house.

Check my video out here! More descriptions, examples, and my 5:00 am face!

Crawling Objects

Use weights or some objects from the pantry. I am using jars of salsa. Also, if you don’t have 50 feet to work with, just use the longest distance you have in your house.

50 foot high hips bear crawl
50 foot crab walk
50 foot quarter squat side steps, each direction

Then 3 sets of 15:
Bent over (keep your spine neutral)
T, Y, row with external rotation
(I only demonstrated 3 reps each in the video, but try to do all 3 movements for 15 reps each, then rest, and repeat for 3 times)

50 foot high hips bear crawl
50 foot crab walk
50 foot quarter squat side steps, each direction

Then 3 sets of 20:
Bicep curl –> Over head press –> Tricep extension
Do them continuously like I demonstrate in video

50 foot high hips bear crawl
50 foot crab walk
50 foot quarter squat side steps, each direction

Check the video out here! Extra puppy love in this one.

4 Round For Time- Thrusters!

50 thrusters with household product 😊
– either 25 each arm to = 50
– or 50 with each arm holding object

End with 3 rounds of:
1 min front plank
30 second side plank (each side)


20-30 Minute Tabata Style Run (or jog/ fast walking)

Easy run/ jog/ walk for 3 minutes

Jog (or walk) 1 minute
Sprint (or fast walk/jog) 1 minute
x 10 rounds

Then Easy run/ jog/ walk for 3 minutes

Modify the rounds as needed to make duration longer or shorter.

Easy part should be 40-50% of your max effort
Hard part should be 80-90% of your max effort

15 minutes, As Many Rounds As Possible

5 plank walk outs
5 each leg plank leg lifts
5 each arm plank shoulder taps

Single leg dead lift 20 on each leg (10 reps in one hand, 10 reps in the other)

Bridge (or single leg bridge) with weight from deadlifts at crease of hip, 20 reps

Repeat! For 15 minutes of work.

Movements listed above are in same order as demo in video, but with a lot more dog interruptions. I suggest the laundry detergent over the small bag of sugar 

Deck of Cards, Re-DO

Check out last weeks blog post. Scroll down to the last work out. If you did this one already, I want you to repeat it and see if you get through more cards in the same amount of time. Or time yourself and see how long it takes to get through the full deck! Here is our video from last week!

As always

Please leave a comment or message me if you have any questions! I love exercise and what it has done for my life. And I want to help all of you! I am here for you. Just reach out if you need anything!

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