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Feeling Dirty About My Coaching Secret.


Most of you know by now that I am in a 10 month coaching program through Hungry For Happiness. But to those that don’t read my blog, they probably don’t know this about me.

And what no body knows (including myself at first), is that this is SO MUCH MORE than a coaching program. When I tell people that I am in a coaching program I almost feel sort of “dirty” saying that.

At first, I was under the impression that anyone could call themselves a coach without any training. It felt like that is what people said when they did not know what else they wanted to do with their lives. I did not really understand what a wellness coach, life coach, or health coach really meant.

But feeling “dirty”, ashamed, and even slightly embarrassed to admit that I am in a coaching program was wrong on SO MANY levels.

  • I was judging myself and others.
  • I was creating stories in my head about what other people might think of me when I say I am doing this.
  • And, I was living with imposter syndrome.
  • Most importantly, I was living in my mind and thoughts and not honoring my body. But now I can feel in my body that this work is meaningful and that I am supposed to be doing this.
Honestly, what I am learning goes so much deeper than I ever imagined. And I don’t want to keep it a secret anymore.

I am literally on the most beautiful path to becoming so aware of myself. Right there is the key…. I am in the process of…..

This work is not about memorizing and being able to rattle off the right things to say. It is about embodiment, it is about knowing the skills and being able to embody the skills that it takes to help others become more connected with their bodies.

What is embodiment?

Having full access to your body. Our bodies know what to do. They have the answers. We are just so crappy at tuning into them…. Ahhh yes, remember those 3 pillars of connection?

If you know me, you know that I over studied in the past. I read, re-read, made posters and flashcards, and stressed out. I over prepared for my patients each and every day. So much time was spent worrying about how a meeting or phone call might go. I stressed over all of the little things. I WAS SO MUCH IN MY HEAD.

But now that I can tap into my body I am discovering trust, confidence, a felt sense of just knowing what to do, what to say, without having to overthink anything.

What has this coaching program giving me?

It has allowed me to fully overcome my relationship to food and my body by addressing the root of the issue. Spoiler alert, it was never about the food or my body!

It is allowing me to live my life to the fullest. No, not by going on the most extravagant trip, or purchasing other material things. It is allowing me, in each moment, to live to the fullest. It brings me back to the present moment. Not living in regret or judgement of the past or fear of the future.

  • It is giving me confidence, trust in myself, and giving me my voice back.
  • It is expanding my relationships.
  • And, it is giving me a framework to then help others find their confidence, be become more connected with their bodies, and to get out of their heads.

And that is why I am now opening up and sharing my secret with everyone.

I was sick and tired of letting my mind get in the way. So tired of the time I spent wasting go back and forth in my mind, “What will this person say? What if my boss finds out and fires me?” Even worse, “What if I am no good at coaching?”

Maybe I just don’t care anymore. Perhaps I have felt the positive effects and have noticed such a profound difference that I just don’t give a sh*t anymore. But honestly, I have really just learned how to get out of my own head and settle down into my own body.

You can’t think your way to happiness, to reaching your goals, or to living in alignment with your highest self. You need to feel your way.

Stay tuned in the next post for how to drop down from your busy mind to being in tune with your body.

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