Fear is Contagious. Courage and Positivity are too.

Fear is contagious. Courage and positivity are too. Right now I am thinking to myself, how can I virtually show up for others, to express my empathy for the world right now?

The last few days has been tough on all of us. I could not imagine the heartache of all of the individuals with the virus and families going through the loss of loved ones. In addition to this and our fears, a lot of us are struggling financially and mentally.

Wavering Thoughts

As of now, I am fortunate enough to be able to continue to work and see patients. From this, I get to hear several different perceptions on what is going on in the world. (Don’t get me wrong, I love my patients and am so thankful for them). But their perceptions and fears, my own thoughts, and trying to stay up with the news & live Twitter feed is mentally exhausting. One second I think and feel one way. Then two seconds later my mind has created a new reality.

I don’t think humans do well with soo many variables and soo many unknowns. And if there is some actual, truthful, evidence-based information to share, what sources do we know to trust? It is so confusing! (Honestly I feel the same way when watching all of the vegan vs meat eating/ keto diet documentaries on Netflix, but that is a post for another time)

Control the Thoughts

What can we control right now? Our own thoughts and how we desire to feel. Ultimately we own who we are and we need to consistently work on creating the life that we want and the impact we want to have on the world.

Not going to lie, it is tough. I am trying so hard to stay positive and optimistic (while still educated on the hard facts). I was riding a high the other night and then talked to family member and 10 seconds into the conversation I plummeted into so much negativity and pessimism. That stuck with me all day yesterday. I was sick to my stomach, as I am sure most of you are.

Then after work yesterday, I got outdoors for some exercise, enjoyed the sunshine, and practiced safe, social distancing with a group of people I absolutely adore. On my way home I practiced my act of list making in my head. Laying out my fears, what I think is contributing to my stress, negativity, and anything bad floating around my head. Then I worked through a “solution” or at least an optimistic thought to counteract the negative ones:

  • Getting the virus myself: I have worked hard to by healthy for over a decade, my body is strong.
  • Family and friends getting sick: Grandparents are pretty much quarantined at home. Parents are working less. One of my best friends is a nurse and I am nervous for her but she is also healthy. She is also strong and smart. I believe in her kicking ass in the ER and staying healthy.
  • Loss of my job: We are all going through this. Government is putting in policies to help us out financially. There are always other options for income, just have to be creative.
  • Loss of my vacation time at work: I have been blessed to take a vacation at least once a year. I was just in Mexico and California. Summertime is coming and I can soak up the sun in my backyard. Take a little extra time for self care and relaxation on the weekends this summer, and less worry about yard and house work.
  • Family and friends loss of work: You all can move into our house! One big party!

Those are the things that popped into my head. I then actively looked for a solution. This brought me joy and optimism. Today, I am still riding that optimistic high. But it is only 6:00 am 🙂

Today’s Thoughts

Today, instead of expressing fear and worry to my co-worker and patients. I am going to express courage and positivity. I am in charge of how I desire to feel. Why would anyone not desire to feel this way? Oh yeah, because it takes work 🙂

It doesn’t help that we have nothing else to really talk about right now. Coronavirus and Tom Brady leaving the Patriots pretty much sums up my news feed. Maybe now is a time to openly share hopes, desires, goals, and dreams. Talk about good memories from your past, visions for the future. Most self-help inspired books, buddhist practices, and new age health & wellness ideas include living in the present. But what is so wrong with reminiscing on the past and looking forwards to the future. Especially when the present is, quite honestly, a shit show?

How am I showing up for others virtually, to express my empathy for the world?

Hopefully, me just being here is helping someone out there. Offering my thoughts. Letting you know you’re not alone. I also have a pretty active Facebook group. Here we have been sharing our struggles, what we can do to support each other. And as of yesterday, I have started to post body weight workouts, for those of you self-quarantined at home. Plus, you will get to see videos of my dogs trying to sneak into the videos 🙂 I will also work on posting them here.

Please leave your thoughts, struggles, or anything you want to put out there into the world. This space is open to you. So is our Facebook group. Want to organize a virtual happy hour? Let me know, I am thinking of creating something this for Friday or Saturday. Leave a comment or send me an email at [email protected]


  1. I’ve felt like my whole world has been out of control through all of this. It’s been a major struggle to remain positive. I avoided watching the news for once, and spend the day outside. It’s amazing what that does for the soul. You are spreading so much positivity, encouragement and more in this blog. Thank you for inspiring me to try and not only find the positives in life, but also in myself.
    Something I saw today that was enlightening and really made me realize it isn’t just our community, state, or country going through this alone, but it’s the whole world. We can come together as one, regardless of backgrounds, religions, governments, beliefs, etc… what I read was: China sent masks to Italy and wrote on the boxes a quote of Roman poem: “We are waves from the same sea.” Japan had donated supplies to China and wrote on the boxes a quote of Chinese poem: “We have different mountains & rivers, but we share the same sun, moon & sky.” We should find the good in this world of hurt, fear and hard times. We can come together as one, and though an invisible bug might be taking over, keep supporting one another, not fearing each other.
    Keep spreading positivity! Tomorrow I will strive to do the same while I am at work! 💙

    1. Oh my gosh Mary! I am so glad you shared that! Those acts and those quotes are beautiful. I will have to pass that along to others. I love you so much and wish I could give you a hug! Thank you so incredibly much for the work that you do. You risk yourself each day, not just now with the virus, but everyday! Your job as an Emergency Room Nurse sounds scary at times, but you do so much good work and help so many people. I am very grateful for you and all of the medical professionals doing this each day. I wish I could do more to help! Have a great day at work.

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