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Consistency in times of Inconsistency


Consistency is the achievement of a level of performance that does not vary greatly in quality over time. Consistency is also the way in which a substance holds together.

Like when I only put half the flour in my chocolate chip cookies, the consistency is pretty sticky.

Here is my remix of Rachel Hollis Consistency talk during her Rise X Live virtual conference. You can check out my other posts, like this one, for other info from this conference.

Intensity is not as important

If you are working towards a goal, working on your habits or routines, or finding your greater why, be consistent.

Why? Because, as you work towards something, you may not always find success at first. You will fail at some point in your life, we all know this and have experienced this. But if you refine yourself, build grit and strength, you become more successful with each attempt.

The more consistent you are, the stronger you become, healthy habits and routines will form, and you will reach your goals.

You would not go to the gym and lift one heavy barbell and reach your goal. You would go consistently to the gym and lift several times over the course of months to each your goal.

If you go hard, with high intensity, one time, put everything you got into it, you may crash and burn. You may become discouraged and stop working towards what you want altogether.

Long term consistency is greater than short term intensity.

Consistency in times of inconsistency

Okay, so we should be more consistent versus intense to reach out goals. But how do we stay consistent during times of inconsistency? Obviously I am referring to these times during the COVID-19 Pandemic, but other times of inconsistency do exist. Going through a divorce or a break up, losing a job, losing a loved one, and other tragic events.

But if you can find a way to be consistent in working towards yourself and your goals, in any situation, you will continue to be that “Substance that holds together”.

Consistency as it relates to our hobbies, habits and routines

During this Pandemic, or any major shift in your life, you may feel lost. You may not be able to do the things that were one a part of your daily routines or habits. While these habits may not seem to be important pieces in working towards your goals, they are actually, undoubtedly, important in reaching your goals and your greater why.

What you do consistently on a day to day basis defines who you are.

So if life has thrown a wrench in your plan, you need to be able to identify new habits or routines or modifications to your current ones, and figure out how to implement these changes.

You can start by asking yourself these questions:

Is there something I am not able to do that I am having a hard time living without?

What are things I can do to make me feel more in control of this?

What are healthy things you can consistently look forward to when working on this?

Our Greater Why

I have created the healthy habit of working out most days of the week because of the physical and mental benefits. Sometimes people ask me how I do it. Up until recently I would chuckle in my head and say, “I just do it.”

Now with studying consistency, I realize, I have just done it so many times, that to not do it, would be weird. It would be weird to not workout daily. Working out has become my habit, I won’t even questions if I should do it or not do it ever again.

This pandemic brought inconsistency into my daily routine that was built around my workouts. It was tough at first. I wanted to slack off and push my workouts into the afternoon. I started to feel out of control of what I was doing, unmotivated, and like I had no goal in mind. With this happening, I started to feel my greater why slip away. Reading about consistency was my “aha” moment. I put my workouts back at my normal time of day and I have felt so much happier and fulfilled with that slight shift in my day, back to my consistent, regular routine.

During your day to day routine, you may need to create leverage to help you stay consistent on the days where consistency is hard. Understand what keeps you motivated.

Do not fret, it is totally okay to have days where just breathing, cuddling your dogs is warranted but….

Finding your leverage, your why.

How can you find your greater why? Follow these questions to help get started.

What is one routine or habit you want to be consistent with?

Gratitude practice

Why is that important to you?

Bring positive things to the forefront of my mind

Why is that important to you?

To ease my anxiety and fear of the bad “stuff”

Why is that important to you?

So I can create a clear plan to help others with the same problems

Your greater why

So I can have work in my life that allows me to do the things that bring on a natural state of flow, I can write and read all day about things related to positive psychology, improving mindset, happiness, and physical well being. Use this to help improve my work with my patients, maybe create a side gig to help pay off my student loans faster, so that we can maybe start a family without the fear and dark looming cloud of our gigantic student debt

What is your greater why?

What habits do you need to either modify or start being consistent with in order to work towards your goals and your greater why?

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