My Joy in Pictures

The Fur Babes Dawn, Dusk, the Moon & the Stars No dawn photo pictured here. But that is my most favorite time of day. Family Not everyone is pictured, but I love you nonetheless!Love the picture of the 4 of us plus Mary at the airport! The beginning of the best time of my life! Running & CrossFit Baking I actually went to culinary school. Maybe I should have tried the baking program instead! Dancing Best of Friends Palm Trees & Lilies

Health and Wellness

Health & Wellness Apps to Use During the Coronavirus Pandemic

For the past year I have ranted and raved about the yoga app, Down Dog. It is inexpensive and is scalable to your own needs. I received an email from Down Dog, offering free use of their apps until April 1st due to the Coronavirus. This prompted me to do some research on health & wellness apps to use during the Coronavirus pandemic. Down Dog “Great Fitness Anywhere” is their tagline. And I really do agree. At times, I do not have the patience for an hour long yoga session. With this app you can customize the length of your …