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I am Adria and I am a certified body connection coach and a Doctor of Physical Therapy who practices with a trauma-informed approach.

I am also a runner and someone who has overcome disordered eating and a disordered relationship with my body. But I am also so much more than that.

What I want you to know about me goes so much deeper than my certifications and degrees.

What makes me “me” and what drives me to help you is my true, raw experience. The experience of hating my body, using food as a way to numb my feelings, and abusing my love for running as a way to find control. But, also the experience of beautiful growth, transformation, and authentic healing.

You can read all about my story in these 3 blog posts:

But, the shorter(ish) version is…..

Somewhere along my journey, I became so disconnected to my body that I decided to starve it. I literally chose to ignore one of the most basic life skills of feeding in order to numb out my feelings, emotions, and experience.

There was a part of me that felt so unsafe and so disconnected from my body. I felt the only way to create safety, love, trust, and connection, was through control.

And this manifested in control of food and abusing my love for running. This went on for years.

Then something happened.

I qualified for and ran the Boston Marathon.

I finished the race and looked down at my scrawny legs and thought to myself, “how the heck can I treat my body so poorly, yet it continues to perform so well for me?”

You see, at that moment, I thought I had “healed”, simply because something clicked in my brain and I decided that it was “okay” to eat again. But all I had was a realization and a little bit more awareness.

But I had not actually healed the part of me that felt unsafe, unloved, and that was so badly craving control.

Therefore, these needs that were still unmet started to manifest in other habits, including binge eating and what I called obsessive compulsive eating.

I was still constantly thinking about food, getting stressed out about how food looked, what was leftover, how the pantry or fridge was arranged, only eating certain colors of things, and was constantly picking at my food…..it goes on and on.

Although I may have externally appeared to be better nourished, I was still hurting internally.

Until once again, my mind had another realization.

I started to go to CrossFit and saw how strong and capable my body was. Again, I thought to myself, “not only can my body endure miles and miles, but it is also bad-a** enough to complete these grueling workouts and tests of fitness.”

This dose of confidence once again gave me another boost in the right direction. I started to realize my OCD patterns. I started to slowly think of food as fuel versus reward or punishment. More awareness of my situation was pouring in.

But STILL! This was all superficial. None of these realizations in my mind were actually allowing me to fully heal my relationship with food and my body.

It was not until somehow the stars aligned in the universe and I found myself randomly enrolled in a year-long health program where I realized how bad my connection was with my body.

This is where I finally realized these years of disordered eating and a poor relationship with food and my body stemmed from the lack of feeling safe and feeling loved. In order to help feel safe and loved I chose to find something to control in my life, food and running. This control brought on a false sense of safety and love.

But now I know how to truly meet those needs in a healthy and sustainable manner.

This class dug down deep, deep into feeling which allowed true healing to occur.

I was so amazed by the transformation I went through in just a matter of months. So amazed that I knew I needed to be able to help others, just like the class helped me.

That is when I made the commitment to join the Hungry For Happiness Life Coach Certification Program with the additional Trauma-Informed Coaching Certification.

In these classes, I have not only learned, but I have embodied the teachings. And it is through this embodiment, rather than memorization, that will allow me to help you to truly heal your relationship with food and your body and allow you to once again run freely.

My mission is to help as many female runners as I can fall back in love with themselves by reconnecting them back to their bodies, finally ending their battle with food and their body.

– Adria
Training, Certifications and Degrees:
  • BS in Exercise Science
  • Doctorate of Physical Therapy
  • Orthopedic Certified Specialist
  • CrossFit Level 1 Trainer
  • Life Coaching
  • Body Connection Coaching
  • Trauma-Informed Coaching
  • Rehabilitation of the Injured Runner

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