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2021 Vision

2021 Vision

Hello 2021, and hello everyone!

I have been absent for 6+ months. As much as I wanted to be on here blogging, journaling, sharing my thoughts, my work and journey of continuing to heal my relationship with food and my body got in the way of that.

I initially started this blog with the intent of sharing my story of my disordered eating and my unhealthy relationship with my body. Opening up about that on this platform busted down so many doors for me this year.

The most transformative result of my openness was my realization that my story is not actually over. I may no longer restrict my food intake and stare at the number on the scale, but I still revolved my life, thoughts, and emotions around food.

But what was even more life changing was the program I was so blessed to come across. I am not a fan of advertising on social media, but this Instagram ad changed my life in more ways than I ever could have imagined.

I want to share this part of my story with you. However, for now my intent for this post is to share my 2021 Vision.


Maybe to hold myself more accountable. Perhaps to motivate anyone reading this to work on finding the things that they want to progress towards, the area they want to grow and expand into.

So, thank you to Samantha Skelly and her in-valuable work in everything that she does, I have used her 2021 Vision Workbook to better prepare myself for the year to come.

2020 Reflection

My top 5 wins

  1. Starting my blog and sharing my story. Being open to the possibilities this brought me. This is especially true for uncovering a deep passion I have for writing and for finding and joining the Hungry for Happiness Community.
  2. Running a 50k, twice. Once very randomly and last minute and the other for my 31st birthday surrounded by an amazing support group.
  3. Invested in myself, as Jose would say. And through this, I did a ton of healing and work on myself that I did not know I needed.
  4. Paid my car off.
  5. I have a fear of being upside down and this year I was able to get into a handstand. As a bonus, I can almost do a full handstand push up.

My top 5 learning lessons

  1. Calmness and patience with something so out of my control….#COVID-19
  2. I am safe to be with my feelings, with myself, with my body.
  3. What “erks” me about other people is simply a direct reflection of myself.
  4. There are possibilities.
  5. Children are so pure and each of us adults are just giant children wanting love, attention, and room and time to play.

The #1 thing I am most proud of

Sharing my story and what came with it. That was so big, tough, and scary for me. But it did not break me, set me back, or change people’s opinions or views of me. Instead, it opened up a part of me, a door to deeper healing, love for myself, and separation of food, body and emotion. Becoming more acutely aware of what my body wants versus what my mind thinks it needed. This is still a work in progress, always a work in progress….but keep flexin’ that muscle! If you keep practicing, keep working it, tough and new things get easier.

The #1 successful habit I developed


Pausing to feel my emotions, to find out what I actually need, and to think before I speak or act. Pausing before eating and feeling into, what does my body actually want and need.

Am I truly hungry, am I needing to refuel and recover from a workout.

Or, do I want something that food can’t actually give me?

Typically, if I pause and feel into it, I truly want comfort, love, warmness, embracement, quietness, peace, relaxation……ahhhhhh sort of feeling.

The feeling of home.

Top 5 things I am going to leave behind in 2020

  1. Using food to cover other emotions
  2. Impatience
  3. Multi-tasking, the extreme kind, a little is okay here and there… right?!
  4. Anger, fear, embarrassment for being who I truly want to be and for doing what I deeply desire to do.
  5. Clutter…. mental clutter, physical clutter (good bye Goodwill pile), and de-clutter technology (so much crap saved on my computer).

2021 Creation

What will be the theme of 2021?


2020 was full of uncertainty for everyone. Jose and I were both all over the place with what we want, dream, and desire.

My head was always swirming with ideas.


But, I need to focus on one, do it well, do it to completiion, then add to the next chapter. Tick them off, one by one.

And so interestingly enough, the next question in the workbook had to do with focus!

What is the #1 thing I want to focus on?

What brings me happiness, intertwines my passions, while continously lighting my fire. So that I soley drive my energy into this, knowing and understanding that everything I want and desire with be there waiting when I am done with one chapter.

What positive habits I will implement in 2021?

  1. Focus
  2. Organization
  3. Building around my boulders. Meaning, set my schedule around the things that are my boulders: Running, writing, time with the dogs and Jose. Fill my schedule, the smaller rocks, gravel, and sand around those.
  4. Share. Share myself, my ideas, thoughts, voice. SPEAK UP.
  5. Continue to listen to my body.

What negative habits will I leave behind in 2020?

  1. Clutter, scatter brain.
  2. Wasting time
  3. Quietness, fear, embarassemnt for what I think, feel, dream, desire.
  4. Be able to be open to confrontation, not hide from my phone when I don’t want to deal with something.
  5. Being impatient.

Top 5 personal goals for 2020

  1. Continue to heal
  2. More yes to things I want to do, including being more spontaneious.
  3. No embarassement with the things I want
  4. Better self-care, go to the dermatologist, eye doctor, dentist, establish a PCP.
  5. More time to meditate, be more open to breath work.

There were some more sections in there that I am not sharing at this point. But if you decide you also want to fill out this workbook, here is the link:

Be ready to answer other sections about health, wealth, career goals, etc.

If you read this, thank you for taking the time. I hope this motivates you to do whatever it is you want to do!

Let’s keep each other accountable! Happy New Year! Welcome to 2021.

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  1. Thank you for sharing this! You are such an inspiration. I am so proud of you. Cheers to “FOCUS” 2021!

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