Hello there,

I’m Adria. I help female runners heal their relationship with food and their bodies, allowing them to run freely.

I get it… Running is your passion, medicine, and best friend. It helps you process your thoughts and emotions.

Running makes you a better version of yourself.

But let’s be honest, there can be a point at which you start to lose yourself.  Raise your hand if you know what I am talking about. 

You become overwhelmed by thoughts about food and your body. Running and beliefs about your body become a never-ending game of numbers and control.

You run more so that you can justify your food choices.
Or maybe you skip a meal because you didn’t get to run.
You obsessively track miles, pace, splits, and calories in and out.
Maybe you can’t stand to see your race photos because of how you look.

You end up losing yourself in the middle of something that once made you a better version of yourself.

So, my question for you is, are you ready to elevate your personal growth and let go of the struggle with food and your body? Are you ready to run freely?

Run Freely 1:1 Coaching Program

  • 8 months of personalized coaching, helping you to heal your relationship with food and your body so that you can run freely.
  • Two one-hour coaching sessions per month.
  • Unlimited support via messaging between sessions.
  • Weekly tools and frameworks taught to help support your growth.

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Growing Pains

I have had this thought in my head for some time now and I really feel like sharing it because I can’t stop thinking about it…. the concept of growing pains. And, how this is true in every aspect of life. So, my husband and I have been on a Marvel kick recently. Last December, we started watching all of the Marvel movies and the new shows on Disney+. I can’t believe how much I have cried and how connected I have grown with some of the characters…. But this post is specifically about Wanda. So, if you have not watched

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Body Love

5 Stages of Body Love

We can talk about self-care and self-love all day long. And yes, those things are so so important. But what about love for our bodies? Body love is so related to, yet so very distant from self-love. Self-love seems fun and exciting; treat yourself to something nice, take a bubble bath, have your nails done, go to yoga, say no to more things that you don’t want to do. Honestly though, have you even thought about body love as being a part of self-love? Or, does you kind of cringe when I say the words body and love together? I

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Disordered Eating

I Knew What I Wanted This Whole Time, I Just Didn’t Realize It.

I can’t believe it. I knew what I wanted this whole time, I just didn’t realize it. Jose and I are moving into a new home. Naturally, as we go through closets and tucked away boxes, we are coming across a lot of items we forgot we had and memories long forgotten. For me, this showed up in the form of my old journals. Sadly, I remember a few years ago tearing out several pages and shredding them, embarrassed and honestly mortified by the thought of anyone ever finding and reading them. But there were still a lot of pages

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What is Self-Empathy and How to Use it as Your Superpower.

Spoken word is often difficult for me. I gravitate towards writing, where I have more time to articulate my message. Many of you reading this can probably relate to this. We have so much empathy for others. There are so many feelings all at once and it can be hard to process. But that means, there are so many feelings for other people that we don’t ever stop to practice our own self-empathy. In fact, many of you are probably wondering, “what is self-empathy?” Before we get into that, let’s chat a bit more about empathy. I am sure you

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Body Connection Coaching

Hey there! I am in the middle of updating this website….learning so much in the process! While I work on content and setting up the home page, I did want to drop in here and give a little update. You all might be wondering what the heck Body Connection Coaching is! I don’t blame you! Honestly, it is as simple as it sounds. Re-connecting back to your body! This niche of life coaching really resonated with me because of my history of disordered eating and disordered thoughts about my body and just not feeling like I was worthy or enough.

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Beginners Tips To Embodiment.

Embodiment, a tangible or visible form of an idea, quality, or feeling. Or as I briefly described in my last post, it is having full access to your body. Our bodies know what to do. They know what they want. They have the answers. We are just so crappy at tuning into them. Embodiment is feeling at home in your body. Safe, nurtured, loved, encouraged, validated, and so much more. And….. I have taught you the three pillars of connection. But those pillars don’t teach you how to get into your body. or how to get into an embodied state.

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